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D&D: Core Rulebook Gift Set

Limited Edition printings. Early release on Nov 16, 2018. $169.99.

All rules and reference required to play the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Need a refresh on your well-worn copies? Have a friend who is itching to get into the game? Want a super-handy case to hold all that D&D goodness? The Dungeons & Dragons Core Rules Gift Set includes a copy of all three core rulebooks and a Dungeon Master’s Screen, everything you need to create and play adventures of your own in the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

We expect both sets of this rulebook to sell out quickly, and much like the popular 3rd edition colelctor’s set, be gone forever once they do. Pre-order now and lock up your gift set before the holidays.

Hobby Store Exclusive

The D&D Core Rules Gift Set also comes in a limited edition format exclusive to core hobby stores (available Nov 16), featuring alternative-art covers beautifully illustrated by Hydro74.

D&D: Core Rulebook Gift Set

D&D: Core Rulebook Gift SetD&D: Core Rulebook Gift Set

A note about availability and limited editions

Just Games has carefully secured the maximum number of these we can, so as to get you the best chance to get one for yourself or the D&D Player on your wish list. Everyone will have their reservation filled, no one who pre-ordered will be left out! Pre-payment earns double points, no matter what! Paying on release day for a reservation earns double points.

Reminder: Used book trade in toward Gift Sets

Please keep in mind that we take used copies Core 5th Edition books – Players Handbook, Monster Manual or Dungeon Master’s Guide – for $10 store credit each or $40 for the entire set. You may use this credit toward these gift sets. This is not a special deal – but it is important to remember; we will take these books in any condition, as long as they are complete. So trade in beat up, tired old tomes for new ones.


Pre-order D&D Core Gift Set online

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