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Age of Sigmar Escalation League Fall / Winter 2018

Join us for our first Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition Escalation League for the Fall and Winter months of 2018! This league season will run from the end of July 2018 until the end of January 2019.

Please note that as we build up stock in second edition, letting us know what you plan to play next month is a huge help, so we can order appropriate items or special orders for everyone who wants to participate.

Cost is $10 per month OR buy at least one box of minis. Special orders count. If you already bought a Start Collecting box, the first month is free.

July-August: 500 points or Start Collecting or the 400 points boxes plus a hero. Usually around 10 or 20 miniatures. Enough to get the grip of the army and the basics.

September: 750 point.


October: 1000 points.

November: 1250 points


December: 1500 points this is the more common type of game. Here you can play most of the strategies the game has to offer.

January: 2000 points. The full game!



Every 2 months there will be prizes given out for Highest Overall Score, Most Matches Played, Best Painted Army and Best Painted Terrain. Expect to be able to order specific minis for your faction as prizes at the end of each month. Best Painted Army and Best Painted Terrain will be voted on by all participants on the last Wednesday of the month. Prizes will be ordered with our regular order the Tuesday after the votes are tallied (assuming you don’t want an in-stock item).


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