Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar Painting Contest & Swap

Cover mini art shared from Discord user Lumpy. Join our Discord! One of our regular customers was chit chatting with us about unique ideas for a fantasy-themed mini swap, and we said “Hey, what if it was Age of Sigmar? Isn’t Old World coming out soon too?” So without further ado, let’s paint some models […]

Age of Sigmar Games for Everyone

Age of Sigmar Escalation League, starting March 31

Age of Sigmar Escalation League will be a twelve week league starting March 31 where players will amass an army of increasing size. The league starts at 500 points the first week, and increases by 500 points every three weeks to a maximum of 2000 points. Pairings will be given at 12:30 every Sunday, so […]

40K Age of Sigmar

Hobby Day, January 7 at noon

During our hobby day, an instructor will be demonstrating a specific aspect of miniature crafting. To kick off the new year, we will be going to the beginning of the process featuring Cam showing some examples of assembling new miniatures from sprues. Informal class, we’ll provide some supplies, you can bring minis and hang out, […]

Age of Sigmar Store events

Age of Sigmar Tournament, August 27th

For fans of Games Workshop’s flagship fantasy wargame, we’re putting together our second Age of Sigmar tournament of 2022! You must preregister on our site to be counted We will be using the BestCoastPairings app, where players will post their army lists and select their factions.   Entry Fee: $20 12:30 start time Three Rounds […]

Age of Sigmar Miniatures Store events

Age of Sigmar Tournament, June 11th, 2022

  Age of Sigmar players, get your armies ready for Just Games Rochester’s first Age of Sigmar tournament of 2022!  The event will take place on Saturday, June 11th at 1 PM and will run for three rounds. This is an exciting chance for you to test your competitive mettle against other players in a […]

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Discord Community Giveaways

Not on Discord yet? Don’t know what Discord IS? It’s a chat app, like old IRC channels, or Messenger, but more easily broken up by topic, event, etc. A lot of folks have been migrating to it, and we want you to check it out! Join our Discord server So we’re going to give away […]

40K Age of Sigmar Miniatures New Releases

2021 Battleforce Boxes for Age of Sigmar and 40K

It’s that magical time of year. Chestnuts are roasting, children are smiling, and Warhammer armies are arriving in massive boxes to fulfill all your holiday wishes! That’s right miniatures fans, Battleforce boxes are now on preorder for your favorite Age of Sigmar and 40K armies! In total, 9 factions are represented this year. All are […]

40K Age of Sigmar Classes

Painting Skills Class with Hobbiest Girl

Just Games is pleased to partner with the Sophie Mosher, the Hobbiest Girl herself, for a series of painting skills classes! These are geared toward intermediate painters, but any beginner will find Sophie approachable and easy to ask questions of, either in-person or via chat! Speaking of, there’s an in-person option at our game room. […]

40K Age of Sigmar Board Game Rentals Magic: the Gathering Store events

Weekly Events are Back!

We’ve had weekly events back for a week, and what a fun week it’s been! We’re pleased to see everyone back, and we’re happy to see how many folks are comfortably returning to in-store play and having a great time doing it! What’s new Our board game library (free to use in store as part […]

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