40K Age of Sigmar

Hobby Day, January 7 at noon

During our hobby day, an instructor will be demonstrating a specific aspect of miniature crafting. To kick off the new year, we will be going to the beginning of the process featuring Cam showing some examples of assembling new miniatures from sprues. Informal class, we’ll provide some supplies, you can bring minis and hang out, paint, use our supplies and chit chat.

You can join in on the demo or bring in your crafts for a day of relaxing in store hobbying, and chat and craft along with other miniatures enthusiasts!

Come learn, relax and get those grey minis painted. $10 entry, includes supplies, paint, and instructor time. Instruction runs until approximately 4 pm, with the room remaining open for hobby use until 6 pm.

Sign up ahead of time online so we can save you space!

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