Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar Painting Contest & Swap

Cover mini art shared from Discord user Lumpy. Join our Discord!

One of our regular customers was chit chatting with us about unique ideas for a fantasy-themed mini swap, and we said “Hey, what if it was Age of Sigmar? Isn’t Old World coming out soon too?” So without further ado, let’s paint some models and win some prizes! Here’s how it works:

  • Buy any mini from Just Games for $50 or less
  • Paint it to the best of your ability in store, Sunday afternoon, from now until February 4.
  • Upon dropoff, each model should be given a title card that describes the technique used to paint it and what is unique about it’s theme (if the painter has done that).
  • On February 4, we’ll take pictures of all the entries, and post them online with a vote that will last one week.
  • On February 11, we’ll announce winners who will get store credit good for any AoS or Old World models they like!
  • After that, on Feb 12, all models entered in the contest will be painstakingly wrapped up into gift boxes and gifted to a random other painter, secret santa style.
  • We’ll even mail it to you, if you like, just pay for shipping at checkout

The whole contest is just $10 to enter, and can be done online.

Enter online


Prizes will be for technical achievement and will be voted on in these categories

  • Best Overall Painted
  • Best Basing Technique
  • Best Expression of a Unique Theme

No painter can win more than one category with their entry. Should this occur during public voting, the Just Games staff will break the tie prior to February 11. Each category will get a $100 store credit for winning. A “unique theme” is something like “Hello Kitty Orks” or any expression that is not a rulebook standard expression.

The fine print

Do I have to paint it in store? The goal here is to hang out, meet AoS and Old World players, and get tips and tricks. If you want to airbrush at home, that’s cool. If we’re 2 hours from your house and you want to play too, that’s okay, but you DO have to be here for display day to drop your model off an have it photographed. But if you want to challenge yourself, painting it entirely in store is encouraged!

What if my model isn’t $50? If you get a $200 army box of AoS, and one mini in it is sold separately for $35, this counts – we’ll be generous here, just nothing like a 3 foot multi-figure diorama

Can I do not AoS or Old World Fantasy models? Sure. If we sell it and it’s “fantasy themed” we’ll allow it. It has to be one figure model. Single monster, creature, character, etc.

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