Age of Sigmar

Skaventide Release Celebration

This event is postponed due to a scheduling conflict, please check back for updates

On Saturday, July 20th, come join us as we celebrate the arrival of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s fourth edition and Skaventide box set! Whether you’re commanding the Stormcast Eternals, Skaven, or other army of your choosing, come over to play with us and get a feel for the new edition.

This event will be 1 round with pairings at 4pm on Saturday, July 20th. The army requirement will be 1,200 points, which is roughly the contents of one of the two armies that comes in the Skaventide box set. Any Age of Sigmar army can participate. $20 to enter.

We’ll be giving away a “Rats Nest Box” to every participant in this event – what’s in it? Why a random helpful item or items for preparing your new collection – could be paints, could be supplies, could be a mini! Each box will be sealed, so no peeksies at the Skaven treasures.

Sign up ahead of time online!

Preorders are coming

Skaventide preorders will open according to the schedule below. Prepare yourself to get yours on June 29!

Skaventide Release Celebration

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