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The Best Games for Two

I get it. A dedicated group that consistently wants to jam some board games can be tough to come by. People come and go, move, get married, have kids, and embark on all sorts of other lame adult quests that get in the way of what we’re all REALLY put here on Earth to do: […]

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Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis Event, May 6

Entry: $10 Villain: Your Choice from Mutant Genesis or Mojo Expansion Play Begins: May 6, 1pm At the start of the event, form a playgroup of 2-4 players. Hero selection and deck construction can be predetermined by each player or optimized once the playgroup has formed, but no two players may play the same Hero. […]

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Learn to Play Digimon, June 10

Join us on Friday June 10 at 6 pm for a Learn to Play event for the Digimon TCG. Get some free goodies, and learn from the friendly players that join us weekly! This event is free – just register at the front counter when you arrive. We will have starter decks, and every player […]

Card Games Digimon Store events

Digimon TCG: New Awakening Prerelease

Digimon TCG New Awakening prerelease begins Friday, May 20 at 6 pm, and a Late Bird Flight Tuesday May 24 at 6 pm. Boxes are also available for order during prerelease. Reserve your prerelease seats Each prerelease participant will receive 6 booster packs, a Prerelease pack, and an alternate art card. Players will build the […]

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New Capenna Game Day, May 7 – Win a Box

Join us for New Capenna Game Day! This Saturday, May 7 at noon, register for a booster draft game day of New Capenna! Preregister here Format Draft Deck Event – 3 packs of New Capenna. Top 8 cut followed by a free top-8 draft of New Capenna. All Participants – Promo “Power Word Kill” Top […]

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Digimon Weekly moves to Fridays on March 11

Digimon has been growing in popularity, and we want to give it room to do that! So we’re moving the time slot to Fridays at 6 pm, starting March 11. We have learn to play supplies. Cost is $10, returned as store credit, packs and other prizes as promos are available.

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Discord Community Giveaways

Not on Discord yet? Don’t know what Discord IS? It’s a chat app, like old IRC channels, or Messenger, but more easily broken up by topic, event, etc. A lot of folks have been migrating to it, and we want you to check it out! Join our Discord server So we’re going to give away […]

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Small Business Saturday is Nov 27

Join us on November 27 for Small Business Saturday! This year it’s easy to get the benefits of Small Business Saturday; all purchases of regularly priced items, online or in store, will earn triple reward points for members. Those points are worth far more than Black Friday sales for regularly priced items, so plan your shopping […]

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Black Friday Sale, Nov 26

Every year for Black Friday it’s CRAZY out there. Here’s what to expect on Friday Nov 26 at Just Games Board games, miniatures and RPGs 20-75% off select items All other games are 10% off the whole day (does not apply to collectables such as Magic, Pokemon, Digimon or preorder products). All that store credit from the […]

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