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Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis Event, May 6

  • Entry: $10
  • Villain: Your Choice from Mutant Genesis or Mojo Expansion
  • Play Begins: May 6, 1pm

At the start of the event, form a playgroup of 2-4 players. Hero selection and deck construction can be predetermined by each player or optimized once the playgroup has formed, but no two players may play the same Hero.

Minimal set-up requirements for the selected villain must be met, though playgroups may determine if they want to make the encounter more difficult or add additional modules. If an encounter allows for modular sets to be removed, players may remove these sets at their discretion.

Prizes and other goodies

Prizing for this event will come from the Mutant Genesis Organized Play kit. Each participating player who paid entry will receive one OP booster pack. All participating players who paid entry will be entered into a random giveaway for one hero and villain dial.

Our local friends at One Sharp Joe Crafts have generously given us a Marvel Champions etched organizer box to give away to one random participant. This is normally a $150 item, and offers complete organization for your Marvel Champions sets and expansions.

Preregistration strongly encouraged, seating is limited


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