Magic: the Gathering

Commander Party : Universes Restored

Join us for another Commander Party, featuring a new game and prizes!

Event will be on May 13th, starting at noon. Entry is only $10, and will run alongside our regularly scheduled bingo programming! Complementary snacks will be available! After the tremulous series of events spanning across the Multiverse of Magic the Gathering from the last few set releases, now play out the restoration of your favorite Planeswalkers from the process of Compleation (or the ones you wanted to be restored)

At the start of the commander game, players will choose one of 8 emblems, each featuring one of the compleated Planeswalkers.

Your emblem comes into play with a set number of compleated counters on it and a way to remove them.

Once all the compleated counters are removed, you restore your Planeswalker to their former glory, and flip it over to reveal the Planeswalker in their original state.

But, get too greedy during your game, and events can force you to put counters back on the emblem, causing them to flip back over, and become compleated again.

The goal of the game is to end with your Planeswalker being restored!

All participants will receive a promo Norn’s Annex in Phyrexian.

Commander Party : Universes Restored


Each player that finishes a game with their Planeswalker in their restored form receives a promo Dismember in Phyrexian.


Commander Party : Universes Restored
And if ALL players in the group are able to restore their Planeswalkers at the end of the game, all players receive a promo Psychosis Crawler.


Commander Party : Universes Restored


Here’s an example of one of the 8 Planeswalkers available on the day of the event:

Compleated Side:

Commander Party : Universes Restored

Restored Side: Commander Party : Universes Restored

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