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New Escalation League, April 23rd

Escalation league is under way! Get to the table this April while it’s still in its infancy, and get to work on building your next army.

We’ll be using the same set of rules as our last Escalation League, which will be posted below! Get ready to start playing your army from 500 points all the way to full 2000 point games.

New Escalation League, April 23rdWith the same scoring format as our last Escalation League, we hope to keep players engaged and excited to get their new armies together. This prize support format will reward different types of progress depending on what your personal goals are for the league.


  • Much like the last league, we’ll be starting with 500 points, moving up by another 500 points every three weeks to ensure players have ample time to build up their army while getting in games at different points levels.
  • Pairings will be assigned each week, ensuring you’re playing against different opponents throughout the duration of the league. All incursion and strike force missions will be pulled from the Arks of Omen Grand Tournament book, with the combat patrol missions being pulled from the 9th Edition Core Rule Book.
  • All pairings will be assigned at 12:30 PM each Sunday, so make sure to show up before this time if you want to ensure a pairing.

Prize Support

  • Prize support will be given out in a wider spread this league, with more awards for certain finishers! Note that players cannot win more than one of these categories, so in the event that someone gets multiple, they’ll be given the higher prize and the other will go to the next highest in the standings/votes.
    • 1st place in standings
    • 2nd place in standings
    • 3rd place in standings
    • Best Painted as voted by the players at the end of the league
    • Best Opponent as voted by the players at the end of the league
    • Best general, going to the player who racked up the most wins at the end of the league.

New Escalation League, April 23rd

Weekly entry is $5 and will go towards the prize pool at the end of the league.

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