Magic: the Gathering

Learn to Play Draft – March of the Machine

This is the perfect follow up event to our Super Casual Prerelease events – great for new players, or for getting your friends to play draft. Starting at 6 pm on April 21 with the launch of March of the Machine, our Learn to Play Draft will run for 3 weeks and teach you everything you need to know about drafting.

What is Booster Draft?

Booster Draft (or just “Draft”) is like Sealed Deck (that prerelease format you know and love), with the additional preliminary step of drafting the cards. The players—usually eight sitting in a circle—each open a booster pack, pick one card, and pass the pack to the next player, who picks one card and continues to pass it along. Eventually, all of the cards are picked and the players repeat the process with a total of three booster packs. At the end of a draft, players will have 42 cards (not counting basic lands) with which to build a 40-card deck. Just like Sealed Deck, players may add any number of basic lands to their deck.

Preregister now so we can plan for YOUR best experience

Learn to Play Specifics

Cost is $20 weekly.

Each week will start with a lesson on draft, and a guided draft where you can ask questions about the best cards to pick, show the table your pack, question other folks decisions, and generally learn the game.

Each week you play, you’ll get 3 packs to draft a deck with. You’ll also get 1 bonus promo for playing, plus 2 prize packs for playing your games. Draft expert Mikey will teach you the best practices, methods, and strategies to make the most out of this fun way to play Magic: the Gathering.

Note, for this learn to play, matches will be a single game (best of one for the experienced folks) to allow new players a full half hour for one game to ask lots of questions. There will be a draft, followed by 3 best of one learning games lasting 30 minutes. There are no prizes for wins, so if you’re an old hand that likes teaching, this is a great opportunity to show them how the game works and help bring the joy of drafting to friends!

Preregister now so we can plan for YOUR best experience

Already know how to draft and want to help?

You can sign up too! The prizing is just a wee bit better than our regular draft (which is already great) in that you’re guaranteed 2 set boosters for playing instead of 1. So as long as you’re okay teaching draft, you’re welcome to join!

Want to play our regular draft format?

Our regular draft will also happen just like normal – that pod is $20 as well, and gets the following prizes based on wins. Everyone gets at least $20 of packs with their entry! No one walks away with nothing.

Players get 3 packs to create a deck from, draft them at a table of 6-10 players, and then play three rounds. Prizes are determined by standings AND any player my spend reward points to get 1 promo pack each time they enter this event. All prizes packs are in Set Boosters. All draft pools are constructed from Draft Boosters.

  • 3-0 | 3 packs
  • 2-1 | 2 packs
  • All other records | 1 pack
  • Any player may substitute a prize pack for a Promo packs.


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