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New Capenna Game Day, May 7 – Win a Box

Join us for New Capenna Game Day! This Saturday, May 7 at noon, register for a booster draft game day of New Capenna!

Preregister here


  • Draft Deck Event – 3 packs of New Capenna.
  • Top 8 cut followed by a free top-8 draft of New Capenna.
  • All Participants – Promo “Power Word Kill”
  • Top 8 – Promo “Skyclave Apparition”
  • First Place – Promo “All-Seeing Arbiter”


All participants will get 1 set booster of New Capenna.

The winner of the Top 8 cut will get a booster box of New Capenna set boosters, 2nd place will get 15 set boosters, 3rd and forth will get 7 set boosters, and all other top 8 participants will get 3 set boosters.