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D&D Epic: Ark of the Mountains, March 25

“The flying galleon Thunderbound descends on Beregost, unleashing the wrath of the cloud giants! To save the town from annihilation, heroes from far and wide must awaken the lost machine entombed under Durlag’s Tower. Dare you board the Ark of the Mountains and do battle in the burning skies?”

WHAT IS AN EPIC? A D&D Epic is a multi-table shared adventure, with the actions of each table impacting all the others. It is often played with characters of different levels, with higher level characters performing substantially different quests.

A 4-hour Epic Adventure for 1st-16th Level Characters
We will be offering this Epic in two sessions, back to back. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CHANGE: You can play this event at noon OR 4:30 pm. Or both.  Each event is approximately 4 hours long and will engage 6-10 tables of 3-5 players (ideally).

Module AL: DDEP05-02
5th Edition
Part of the Storm King’s Thunder Season
This D&D Epic will offer Tier 1 (level 1-4) and Tier 2 (level 5-10) and Tier 3 (levels 11-16) options for Adventurers League players. Players not interested in participating in adventurers league can still play in this epic, just select a Tier 1 table, belly up to the battle and roll your dice!

New players welcome! Returning AL players (and their characters of appropriate level) welcome!

$10 entry fee per session (food included for both)
Pizza lunch is included. For those with dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly.

Reserve a ticket below

Paying online guarantees a seat at the given time, and it helps us speed along registration. If you pre-register you can also indicate a Tier preference. Tier 1 = Level 1-4, Tier 2 = Level 5-10, Tier 3 = Level 11-16. We don’t promise you’ll get the Tier you prefer, but we’re pretty sure you will.

ONLINE TICKETING FOR THE EVENT IS CLOSED. SEATING AT THE DOOR MAY BE AVAILABLE, PLEASE EMAIL OUTREACH@JUSTGAMESROC.COM FOR DETAILS. If you need to reserve a seat and want to be sure it is available, please call the store at 585.586.0586.

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