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D&D Epic: Hecatomb, Nov 4

Definition: “Hecatomb. A great public sacrifice, extensive loss of life for a cause.”

Hecatomb is a D&D Epic for characters of level 11-20, Tiers 3 and 4. The most deadly and difficult challenge available, this Epic already has garnered a reputation for wiping out entire Epic adventuring parties. Only the bravest, highest level heroes dare to undertake this quest. If you purchase a Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, you may have gotten a free ticket to this Epic. If you did not, you may buy them separately below.

Far below the reach of the sun, dark forces seek to bring a terrible darkness into Faerûn. A great and awful host of drow, giants, and worse await your arrival. When even the dead tremble, what hope can you find?

The faction-masters of the Moonsea region have learned of a dire plot being undertaken by the drow in nearby Vaasa. The drow are using the lessons learned from their experiments at the tomb of the giants in the Anauroch desert and are now seeking to return Kiaransalee, their goddess of death and magic, to Faerûn. They have gained access to the Acropolis and the Vault of Gnashing Teeth; it is in this place that was long ago dedicated to the dark goddess that they will complete their rituals.

Pre-register below. Unlike past Epics, this Epic will have only one time slot, noon, on Nov. 4. If enough adventurers are brave enough to risk their lives at noon, we will organized a second expedition at 4:30 to search for their bodies.


Pre-registration is closed. Please call and ask about reserving tickets over the phone.

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