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X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, Fall League

X-Wing, Heroes of the Aturi Cluster begins it’s fall run on Tuesday, Sept 26. This 12 week league is perfect for beginners, and runs through December 12, wrapping up in time for holiday travel. Aturi Cluster is a co-operative format, intended to allow players to start with “just one ship” and build their squadron from there.

Players interested in competitive play are welcome to join the league as well. Space is reserved for testing lists, crazy side formats, and whatever else you might like to play.

League is $25 for the entire 12 week run, and covers the cost of promo items and either 1 ship or special acrylic tokens for the league (based on availability). If you play Aturi Cluster, we will provide the print outs necessary to play. If you play competitive matches, you will need to provide your own ships.

X-Wing League

X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, Fall League

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