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Fall Painting Contests, Oct – December

Because we know painting contests are fun, we want to offer three more this fall, one each month left in the year! As always, the rules are the same. You must purchase the mini from Just Games, unpainted. You must sign up during the contest signup period. Signup costs $5 per month and covers prizes.

  • October: Horror, pick a horrific beast from D&D or another game
    • Judged on Oct 28
  • November: Paint your “first adventurer” (may be your actual first RPG character, or just what you think a beginning adventurer looks like)
    • Judged on Nov 25
  • December: “Holidays of S/laughter!” Pick a mini or group of minis that best exemplifies the theme.
    • Judged on Dec 30

Signups are open now and you may register online for each month. You will need to come to the store to pick up your minis.


Painting Contest

Fall Painting Contests, Oct – December

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