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Pokémon TCG: Twilight Masquerade Prerelease

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Prerelease Runs on May 11 and 17

Pre-Release Build and Battle Twilight Masquerade prerelease kit will be limited to 1 kit per customer attending the event (parents with kids playing, that’s 1 kit per kid). We will have our regularly scheduled prerelease on Saturday May 11 at 1 pm, and a second prerelease on Friday May 17 at 5:30 pm.

Prerelease Details

Get your kit, play 3 rounds, get 3 packs for finishing all 3 rounds!

Each kit includes:

  • Four Pokémon TCG Twilight Masquerade booster packs.
  • One of four possible new Promo cards with the set logo stamped on them.
  • A selection of cards to help competitive players build a deck

BONUS: Each Pokemon Twilight Masquerade prerelease will also come with THREE ADDITIONAL BOOSTERS for players who finish all 3 rounds.

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