COVID-19 Shopping Policies & Procedures

COVID-19 has some challenges, and for folks that can’t wear a mask it can be even more challenging. Here at Just Games we are dedicated to the safety of all our customers, and want to ensure that everyone has access to all the games we sell, all the time! We also need to ensure that we are compliant with public health code, NYS executive orders, and a variety of other laws. So, with that in mind, here are our updated shopping policies:

  • Entering the store is not required to have access to any of our products and services, including but not limited to; shopping, online events, and game rentals. All our regularly available games and fun are available remotely!
  • Any customer that chooses to shop in person, must wear a mask or face covering while physically inside the store.
  • If a cloth mask is not possible, an alternative device like a respirator, face shield, or other medically provided device is an acceptable alternative.
  • If not face covering is possible or a customer prefers for any reason not to enter the store, our entire inventory is available┬álive at for free curbside pickup.
  • If internet access is problematic, or you have specific questions, customers may call the main store like 585-586-0586 and request a personal shopper by phone or video chat.
  • If you would prefer to shop in person or do not have a computer, but do not or cannot wear an alternative face covering, we can also accommodate you in person via our personal shoppers. In this case, we will have a staffer step outside the store and chat about your interests. That staffer can then go inside and shop for you. Once they have your items, they can come back outside and process or credit card OR take cash and return inside to complete the transaction. We do ask that if you are not wearing a face covering while conversing with our staff you maintain a 6-foot distance, and only approach to exchange payment and goods.
  • In either case, curbside pickup is free. For a $10 fee local delivery services are also available, as well as shipping.

If for any reason you require accommodations beyond these, please email and we will do our absolute best to help you with your shopping requirements!