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D&D Epic Infernal Pursuits, Feb 22

A horse race in Baldur’s Gate becomes a hellish battle on infernal war machines in Avernus when the characters get caught between two evil merchants… and must hang on for dear life.

A four-hour D&D Epic adventure for Tier 1 and 2 characters. Optimized for APL 3 & 8. 

The first Epic of this season, we will be running this amazingly fun event not once, but twice! Once at noon, and once at 5 pm. This Epic is level 1 accessible, so anyone can come and try it! Children and family groups welcome!

Pizza will be provided mid-Epic to refuel the adventuring parties. If you would like to DM a table, please contact DMs will get a store credit bonus for running this Epic, and all players will get special rewards for their characters. We are also offering a special table at Noon for our Youth League participants, please be sure to choose the “Youth League” option if you wish your child to be placed with other kids their own age. Otherwise, they can join any Tier with an appropriate level character. If you’re a new player, choose the New Player option and we’ll have an AL legal pregenerated character waiting for you at a level appropriate table!

What is Adventurers League?

Adventurers League, or “AL,” is the Wizards of the Coast organized play program for Dungeons & Dragons. Characters are made in specific parameters, and DMs run specific kinds of “all ages appropriate” module content. You can learn more about it here, including rules for character creation.

What’s a Tier?

D&D Adventurers League games roughly split characters into “Tiers” based on their levels.

  • Tier 1: characters of 1st-4th level
  • Tier 2: characters of 5th-10th level
  • Tier 3: characters of 11th -16th level
  • Tier 4: character of 17th-20th level

Based on attendance at our last Epic, pre-registration for this Epic is absolutely essential. You can do so in-store, or below. Noon is sold out. 


D&D Epic Infernal Pursuits

D&D Epic Infernal Pursuits, Feb 22

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