Digimon Dimensional Phase Prerelease, Feb 10 & 11

Join us for the prerelease of Dimensional Phase on Feb 10 and 11!

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Each prerelease participant will receive 6 booster packs, a Prerelease pack, and an alternate art card. Players will build the best 40 card deck they can, ignoring the restrictions on color for digivolving. We will have a 30 minute build period to construct a deck.

There will be 3 rounds of swiss with prizes paid out as follows, regardless of attendance!

9 points – 5 Packs
6 points – 3 packs
All other records – 2 packs

Cost is $32.41, and preregistration is strongly encouraged as event caps are always possible. Product availability is locked in, so these numbers and dates should be final!

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