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Digimon Prerelease 05: Battle of Omni

July 31 at noon, and August 5, 6 -10 pm

Join us to witness the Battle of Omni, Digimon’s most iconic fusion of two of the most powerful megas in the game.

Boxes are now available for pre-order! Woohoo!

Digimon Prerelease 05: Battle of Omni

Note that preordering a box gets you free registration into our release tournament on August 14 (with your receipt). Details of the August 14 event are TBD. Read on for the pre-release details!

Each prerelease participant will receive 6 booster packs of BT-05 Battle of Omni, a Prerelease pack, and an alternate art Kimeramon. Players will build the best 40 card deck they can, ignoring the restrictions on color for digivolving. We will have a 30 minute build period to construct a deck.

There will be 3 rounds of swiss with prizes paid out as follows, regardless of attendance!

  • 3 wins – 6 Packs of BT-05 Battle of Omni
  • 2 wins and 1 draw – 5 packs of Battle of Omni
  • 2 wins and 1 loss – 4 packs of Battle of Omni
  • All other records – 3 packs of Battle of Omni

Cost is $35 (after tax, actual cost is $32.41), and preregistration is strongly encouraged as we expect event caps to kick in due to product allocation on this set. We are pre-selling tickets as we confirm product availability, so even if we are sold out when you check, it’s worth checking back.

Preregister here

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