Digimon TCG: Holiday Capstone Tournament, January 8, 1 pm

This event will be the capstone for 2021’s tournament season! Reserve your tickets here

Any canceled events, any missed events, any COVID-delayed promotional items, will be given out as participation prizes at this event. It was a strange year, with various events arriving early / late, and we want to get these in your hands now.

In addition, the following prizes will be provided in packs to the top 8 and each participant:

  • 3 packs for finishing all Swiss rounds, for all players, regardless of standing

Top 8 will receive

  • 1st 1 box of boosters
  • 2nd 1 box of boosters
  • 3rd and 4th 12 packs
  • 5-8th 6 packs

Swiss rounds determined by attendance, with no top-8 cut.

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