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Innistrad Double Feature Preview Draft & Sealed events

Join us for Innistrad: Double Feature preview events! Select the event you’d like to attend from the dropdown below, bearing in mind the following format notes.

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Draft events are Friday January 21 and Wednesday January 26. Sealed is Saturday January 22. Additional draft or sealed events may be scheduled as supplies permit. Boxes are not available until the full release. 

Draft events

  • 3 packs per player to draft with
  • Prizes will be in Crimson Vow or Midnight Hunt packs (player’s choice) in order to extend the limit supply of Double Feature draft packs further
  • 3-0 will get 5 packs, 2-1 will get 3 packs and all other records will get 1 pack.

Sealed Event

  • 6 packs to build from
  • 1 pack of Double Feature per win, with any player winning zero matches still getting a pack for playing all 3 rounds.

At Home Sealed

  • 6 packs for $60 after tax, all in. Play sealed at home, or split the packs up and have a couple draft sets. For those who don’t want to play in store, or at a specific time.

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