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Double Masters Preview Draft – Friday, July 1, 6 pm

Double Masters 2022 preview draft is available to Premium WPN stores! Ours will be one night only, Friday, July 1 at FNM.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 packs to draft with, valued at 17.99 each ($54!)
  • Additional prizes based on standings


  • Win 3 games: 3 packs
  • Win 2 games: 2 packs
  • Any other record, get 1 more pack.

You’ll always get at least what you pay for in packs to open, and you’ll get to see Double Masters 2022 in action before anyone else!

Get your tickets online

Boxes are not available until release day, July 8

You can preorder boxes, but they will not be able to be released until July 8. Premium Preview events are draft only experiences, and product may not be sold to the public for any other reason during this time. Note that this is different, and distinct from, the rules for pre-releases.

Order your boxes here

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