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Digimon X Record Prerelease July 22 & 23

Digimon TCG X Record prerelease begins Friday, July 22 at 6 pm, and a Late Bird Flight Saturday July 23 at 4 pm. Boxes are also available for order during prerelease.

Reserve your prerelease seats

Digimon TCG: X Record Prerelease

Each prerelease participant will receive 6 booster packs, a Prerelease pack, and an alternate art card. Players will build the best 40 card deck they can, ignoring the restrictions on color for digivolving. We will have a 30 minute build period to construct a deck.

There will be 3 rounds of swiss with prizes paid out as follows, regardless of attendance!

9 points – 5 Packs
6 points – 3 packs
All other records – 2 packs
Cost is $32.41, and preregistration is strongly encouraged as event caps are always possible. Product availability is locked in, so these numbers and dates should be final!

Preorder your boxes

Digimon X Record Prerelease July 22 & 23

Boxes come with 24 packs.Featuring the popular theme X ANTIBODY, beloved by Digimon. Many Digimon are here in their exciting X form to boost summer sales! This set not only includes Digimon and characters from the on air Digimon Ghost Game anime, but also characters from the popular Digimon Adventure tri. An attractive lineup for virtual pet, game, and anime fans! Includes numerous powerful cards! Provides essential cards for the metagame and bolsters the strength of the product.

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