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Dominaria United Prerelease, Sept 2-9

Join us for the Magic: the Gathering Dominaria United prerelease starting Sept 2 and running through Sept 8!

Prerelease Schedule

The events for Dominaria United are as follows:

  • Friday 6 pm, in-store, Sealed
  • Saturday Noon, in-store, Sealed
  • Saturday 3 pm, Nox Cocktail Lounge Happy Hour, followed by Casual Sealed from 4-6 pm
  • Sunday 1 pm in-store, Sealed
  • Wednesday 6 pm, Learn to Play Jumpstart!
  • Friday Sept 9, Sealed League pickup for online and in-store (not during prerelease week, because of prize changes)

At home events remain available.

  • At-Home Kit
  • At-Home Experience (4 pack)

Register today.

Dominaria United Prerelease, Sept 2-9

The Sealed League

is easier than ever to participate in! All you need to do is buy 2 prerelease At Home kits – that’s it! You’ll get both kits, build your first deck with one, and then refresh your deck later on. Each week you will still refresh your deck with a Draft pack of your choice, and you’ll get 3 additional Set boosters at the end of the league. So, the schedule for the league would be:

  • Week one you’ll open a kit and create a deck.
  • Week two you’ll add in a draft booster and update your deck.
  • Week three you’ll open an entirely new prerelease kit, and make an entirely different deck.
  • Week four you’ll add another draft booster in and update your deck.
  • Week five you’ll merge your decks together to make the bestest possible 40 card deck from your pool. You’ll also add in another draft booster on top of merging your decks.
  • Week 6 you’ll open another draft booster and update your deck.
  • If you play at least 5 weeks, you get 3 additional set boosters, for a total of 17 packs across the whole league!

An amazing $120+ value, with flexibility to play in person or at home!

Dominaria United Prerelease, Sept 2-9

Learn to Play – Jumpstart

is a small event, specially for new (or newer) players who want hands on instruction. Our Community Manager and certified Magic Judge, Lauren, will be on hand to answer all your questions, teach the game, and give you some pointers on building sealed decks.

Dominaria United Prerelease, Sept 2-9

Casual at Nox Cocktail Lounge

Are not paired, but allow you to play in small friend groups or at one table. For Dominaria United, our only Casual event will be held at Nox Cocktail Lounge on Saturday. Please note that players do not need to arrive at Nox until 4 pm to play; the first hour from 3 – 4 pm is a “Happy Hour” and allows folks to finish their in-store games at noon with plenty of time to arrive at Nox.

Preorders – Full Boxes

Full boxes are available during prerelease week. You can snag a Jumpstart Box, a Draft Box, a Set Box, or a Collector box! Keep in mind Jumpstart Boxes are available for release on Sept 9, the rest are available during prerelease. You can get a sneak preview by attending our Learn to Play Jumpstart event on W ednesday.


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Dominaria United Prerelease, Sept 2-9

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