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February Beginner Paint Class: Painting on the Go (And Owlbears!)

Who doesn’t love painting owlbears? Well, adventurers I suppose! If you’re interested in learning to paint, the 2020 series of painting skills classes is for you!

Like the idea of hanging out and painting somewhere other than at home, but don’t have the gear? Join us from 1 pm to 3 pm on February 16, and we’ll teach you to assemble a painting “Go Bag” with all the essentials you need! This will be a series of classes, with subsequent classes adding tools and techniques to your kit. This first class is going to be a crazy good deal, with each participant getting:

  • 1 Citadel Paint Rack
  • 1 Medium Layer Brush
  • 2 pots of Paint of your choice
  • 1 Nolzur’s Marvelous Owlbear to learn to paint fur and feathers

That’s a ~$50 value in product for your $20 ticket, and you get a painting lesson. Best of all, everything we provide today will be used in each monthly class for the rest of 2020! This special class is only open to 20 participants, so if you’re ready to take that next step and start equipping yourself to paint on the go, or just assemble a great paint station in your home, preregister today. Our next class is on March 15 and will feature the newly released Red Dragon from Wiz Kids, PERFECT for your D&D game!


Please note that preregistration is required for class events, in order to provide the best possible experience to all students in the class.

Online is closed for this event. If you preregistered or asked for a seat to be held, you just need to arrive the day of the event!

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