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United Way Games Day, Feb 8

Join Just Games Rochester for the 2nd annual United Way Game Day on February 8! Choose from D&D, board games and a charity Commander tournament to challenge your mind and raise money for local charities. Any purchases or entry fees on the day of the event will earn double points, and 20% of all product sales will go to benefit the United Way of Greater Rochester.

At Just Games, we believe in putting community first – not just as a marketing tactic, but as a true system of values. You support us, we hope in part, because we support what matters most to you. As a local business owner, my first priority is to my community, and the United Way of Greater Rochester is an excellent partner in helping care for the basic needs of local Rochester citizens. So if you’re free, and you like saving money for a good cause, or just playing games and getting to know some of the good folks at the United Way, I hope you’ll consider joining us for this very cool event.

– Matthew Vercant, Store Owner

You can RSVP for specific events and view signup and registration details below!

Commander for a Cause – 12 pm

Join us in our Second Annual Commander for a Cause event! Duke it out in pods of 3-4 with similarly constructed decks! Every round you survive gets you 1 booster pack, win the entire thing and walk away with the Holiday Promo card for 2019. Other top table finishers will receive prizes based on attendance. Entry is just $10, and as with every single dollar spent at these events, 20% goes to benefit United Way of Greater Rochester!

The store will be providing a 2019 Holiday Promo Decorated Knight as a guaranteed prize regardless of attendance! We’ll also be giving away a Spellbook Gideon to every player at the finals table AND their choice of one of 4 Secret Lairs (including the new rats, if it arrives in time). As with our last “Commander for a Cause” event, we’ll be splitting the entry into two tracks: one for homebrews, one for “off the rack” lists from any Commander deck produced by Wizards of the Coast. Made it yourself? Start in one pod. Bought it off the shelf? That’s the other pod. Rounds will be single elimination, BUT you’ll also get free entry into our weekly Commander League – so even if you bump out of the main event, you’ll still get to play!

P.S. The Secret Lairs and Gideons will be for anyone making the “Top of Track” table. So if you make it to the last table of 3-4 players with a precon OR a home brew, you’re getting a Secret Lair and a Gideon! The finals table will play exclusively for the Decorated Knight promo, and bragging rights. 

United Way Games Day, Feb 8

This cool promo will be *above* the cost of prizes paid for by your entry fee, as a thank you for coming out and playing in this cool charity fundraiser!

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Sign up for Commander for a Cause

You may donate additional funds to the United Way using the “Optional Donation” by adding the amount of your choice to your cart at checkout. You will also be able to donate on the day of the event.

Commander for a Cause

United Way Games Day, Feb 8


RPG Charity Adventures – 1 pm – 4 pm

Multiple tables of D&D running the sessions below. Sign up in advance using the ticketing system below, or roll the dice on day of seating. Want to get your session added as a DM? Email Matthew Vercant at to participate! $10 entry per ticket, with 20% going to charity, and game masters receiving store credit for participating!

As sessions become available, they will be added below!


Charity Role-Playing One-Shots Preregister

United Way RPGs

United Way Games Day, Feb 8

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Board Gaming with the United Way

Noon – 5 pm

United Way Games Day, Feb 8United Way Games Day, Feb 8

Join the staff of the United Way to learn a variety of cool, in-stock board games for the whole family! Like a game and buy it, 20% of your purchase will go to benefit the United Way of Greater Rochester. All board game sessions are free demos, and a great chance to talk to the staff of the United Way about what they do.

United Way staff will be playing at least the following games, all day long, as interest in specific titles dictate. Other games may be added as attendance and interest indicates!

  • Ticket to Ride – London or New York edition
  • Point Salad
  • Azul: Summer Pavilion
  • Quacks of Quedlinburg
  • Splendor
  • Wingspan
  • Just One
  • No Thanks!
  • Deep Sea Adventure

Board game events are free and will be run by United Way volunteers who are very excited do play games for charity, so come on out and learn some new board games! And yes, all of these games are currently on our shelves, so if you like one you can buy it right at the event and 20% of your purchase will go directly to the United Way of Greater Rochester. If a game is out of stock (Wingspan, I’m looking at you!) and you prepay for a backorder, we’ll offer you triple points for being a good sport!

United Way Games Day, Feb 8

RSVP and chat about specific games to play on Facebook

Why United Way?

United Way addresses critical challenges by connecting local people in need with evidence-based programs, strategic funding investments, community initiatives, volunteer support and community leadership to direct resources and solve problems.Rochester is one of the most generous and caring communities in America. We are proud to work together to create real, meaningful impact for the most vulnerable members of our community. United Way is leading this charge with the support of donors, our business community, local leaders, program service providers, volunteers and community members, and Just Games is proud to be part of this mission.

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