Free RPG Day 2022, June 25

What games are being played?

Join us for in-person RPGs at Just Games for Free RPG Day! Game Masters get bonus free materials (as always) and store credit based on attendance.

Sign up to run a game you like at the 1 pm time slot or the 5 pm time slot. Sessions are 3.5 hours long. Email to sign up!

1 pm


Check this space for a list of more games to signup for coming soon!

How do I get Free RPG Day goodies?

  • Anyone who comes into the store gets 1 free item!
  • Buy $50 worth of anything RPG-related and get another free item!
  • Play in a session in the store and get another free item!
  • Game Master a session in the store, and get another free item

Are there deals?

  • All RPG books are 15% off, all day. And all books you buy earn you more Free RPG Day stuff!
  • Full box sets of D&D Gift Sets will be 50% off all day! Get hooked on a big name along with the indie names!

List of Free RPG Day goodies

Check out for a full list of publishers and items that will be given away. 

Meet the 2022 Free RPG Day Publishing Partners