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Free RPG Day, June 24

Free RPG Day works with top RPG publishers to create the can’t miss RPG event of the year at hobby game stores around the world.

Participating retailers will receive a treasure trove of new and exclusive RPG adventures, previews, and accessories to provide an unparalleled day of roleplaying celebration.Attendees will get to snag cool exclusives, maybe play new games, and be surrounded by like-minded gamers!

Special Features

  • Just Games adds a “Premium” table for participants that play in the events, where you can get free copies of core rulebooks, supplements, splatbooks for popular RPGs and more!
  • All RPG books, dice and accessories are 10% off throughout the entire day as well.
  • Stop by and get 1 free item. Buy a game, get a bonus item! Play in a game, get ANOTHER bonus item! Stack up the savings, and stack up the freebies!





Become a Game Master for Free RPG Day

Game Masters get first pick of anything available in the Free RPG Day kit and Premium goodies slot, free for running a game of their choice!

Check out all the games

These are the featured games for Free RPG Day – click here or the pic below to visit and see which items you might get. DMs who want to run these games, send a message to We’ll make sure you have a table and guarantee you the item associated with your game!

  • Pathfinder: A Few Flowers More
  • Starfinder: Operation Seaside Park
  • D&D: Onslaught – Never Split the Party
  • Wizkids: Miniatures and Paint Kits
  • Loke Battle Mats: Heist at the Museum
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics: Piercing the Demon’s Eye
  • Q Workshop: Elvish Dice
  • Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea
  • Achtung! Cthulhu: Operation Kindling
  • Root: Hacksaw Dell Quickstart
  • Avatar Legends RPG: Movers & Shakers
  • Transformers x G.I. Joe RPG: Cobra/Con Fusion
  • Vampire the Masquerade: A taste of the Moon
  • Level 1: Indie RPG Anthology
  • Mazes Fantasy RPG: Introductory Module
  • Zombicide – Chronicles: Car Crush & Oliver Twisted
  • Dragonbane: Quick Start
  • Critical – Foundation: Episode 0
  • Hymgho: Dice
  • Adventure Party: The Role-Playing Party Game
  • Loup Garou: Graphic Novel Adventure
  • Heckin’ Good Doggos
  • Dragon Shield:Monster Cards, Mini Adventure, and Pocket RPG Guide
  • BCW: Dice Bags and Dice Trays
  • Adventures in Rokugan: Storm Eel’s Rest
  • Swords of the Serpentine
  • Dragon Egg Mini-Pin

Free RPG Day, June 24

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