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Full Asmodee Catalog Going Live for order

Great companies like Fantasy Flight, ZMan, Days of Wonder 

A lot of us are staying home these days! With the government orders closing your favorite local game store, we’ve been working hard to keep options open for you all. Last week, we announced that Blue Orange would be drop shipping to your house. This week I’m pleased to announce that the Asmodee family of games will be joining us – that’s right, their full catalog is still available for shipping directly to us!

Wait, there has to be a catch, right? After all, it’s a pandemic, aren’t they disrupted too? Well, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • While our catalog is set up to sync with their’s, it’s not a perfect deployment. That’s why we’re putting the whole thing in our “Special Orders” category online
  • While most of these popular titles are currently in stock, shortages may occur. If that happens, we’ll email and see if you want to substitute, leave the game on backorder, or cancel the order entirely.
  • $200 or more gets free shipping to your door
  • You can choose local pickup, but if you do, we will assume you want these games delivered “later, when the storefront is open
  • In the case of folks who order one or two titles we’ll put those in a mass order every Tuesday – so if you order Monday, your game will ship the next day. But if you order Wendesday, it might take a full week. Our goal here is to TRY to deliver games ordered by the next weekend. Obviously, we are at the mercy of shipping speed here, so it may take 5-12 business days for delivery.
  • Over the new few days, we expect THOUSANDS of titles to be available in this category.

We’d like to thank our partners at Asmodee North America for instituting this bold course of action to support local gamers and game stores – demonstrating once again that in the game industry, we’re all in this together.

A note on the store reopening

When we closed by government order, we left a sign on the door saying “maybe April 7” we would reopen. We now expect that to be no sooner than April 30. Obviously this is an evolving situation, and best practices may change. So if you’re trying to decide “how long is a backorder / local pickup going to take?” please use April 30 as our best estimate.

Be well, stay safe, and happy gaming!

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