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Games for Everyone: Adorable, Affordable, Stocking Stuffers!

Event is December 4, 1 – 4 pm

Games for Everyone’s holiday event is a doozey! Normally we showcase just a couple games, but this time we’re going to show you 3 games that exemplify another 30! Welcome to Adorable, Affordable, Stocking Stuffers 2021 edition!

Featured Games for Everyone

Featured games from companies with amazing stocking stuffer-sized games are:

Forest by Helvetiq

Games for Everyone: Adorable, Affordable, Stocking Stuffers!

The Fairy Game for the Little Ones. Form infinite landscapes using whimsical cards. Forest is a game of observation, counting and tactics. To win, collect as many cards as possible! You can collect cards if you are the first to spot 7 small creatures (owls, Santas, frogs or fairies) hidden in the cards on the table. Forest is easy to play with kids and great to develop focus and counting. Parents appreciate that the game develops the ability to calculate, to anticipate and to think strategically.

Fafnir by OINK

Games for Everyone: Adorable, Affordable, Stocking Stuffers!

The chicken “Fafnir” lays two new gems each day, and all the players want to acquire these gems on the off chance that they’ll be more valuable than the gems they already hold. Whoever throws away the most gems in a round acquires these two newest gems — but you can’t throw away the colors of the gems that Fafnir just laid! No chicken will be impressed by you shaming the gems that you’re also trying to acquire!

Uzzle by Uzzle

Games for Everyone: Adorable, Affordable, Stocking Stuffers!

What is the Uzzle?

Super fair question! It is the most fun, competitive, and challenging game you will ever play, perfect for kids, families, puzzle fans or board gamers around the holidays! Don’t let the simple box fool you; it’s deceptively fun and engaging. Combining the challenges of puzzles with the competitiveness of board games, the Uzzle is the top-rated toy of 2021



Dinosaur Island Rawr ‘N Write by Pandasaurus

Games for Everyone: Adorable, Affordable, Stocking Stuffers!

You caught us! There’s ZERO chance this fits in a regular sized sock, but it’s SO COOL and we were expecting it for PopUp Gen Con, so we want a chance to show it to you again.

Roll-and-write pros, newbies to the genre, and dinosaur fans are all in for a galactic treat with the first ever roll-and-write set in the bustling chaos of Dinosaur Island! Rawr n Write packs a full strategy game experience into a roll-and-write package. Its a meaty, delightful romp that players can really dig into. Each game will see different Specialists for hire and different Buildings to construct, making for great replayability!

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