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Gaslands Play Day, Sept 18

Gaslands is a tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem from Osprey Games. With fast and cinematic rules, you can replay your favorite Death Race or Mad Max movie.  The game is designed to be played with kit bashed Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars, trucks, and motorbikes adding guns, rockets, nitro-boosters, oil cans and rams; the options are endless.   Players are challenged in a variety of scenarios including a Death Race,  pursue the War Rig, Capture the Flag or fight the Truckasaurus the legendary beast of steel.

Cost is just $5 and is returned as store credit! Event starts at noon.

Game round goes from gear 1 to gear 6 with players activating vehicles
in the current gear or higher.  Each players starts by selecting a
movement template allowed by the gear their vehicle is currently in and
place down in front of it.  Then before moving roll “skid” dice to shift
gears, spin or slide.  What you roll will allow you to change gears as
well as determine whether you maintained control to continue with the
race or lost it taking damage and possibly ending your race huge
fireball.   After moving and maintaining control, you may make one
attack with each crew-member. If you are being shot at, you can try to

The game continues until one vehicle is left or when the first vehicle
crosses the finish line.

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