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Grand Opening Magic Tournament

Standard Constructed Tournament
November 21
$20 entry
All players receive a playmat available nowhere else valued at $20 for registering
All players that complete all rounds receive a pull from our promo drawer
Event registration starts at noon, seats are at 12:30.

Pre-register online

We want to thank all the Magic players that played at Just Games during our first month. We already have a cool board game event, the UnPub Meetup, on November 8, so we figured we’d do a cool Magic event too! What’s cooler than great prizes and guaranteed value just for signing up?


100% of the total entry fee will be paid out in Magic singles
50% of the total entry fee will go to playmats, singles for the door prize drawing, and other participation prizes.

That means if 16 players enter, the total prize pool will be $500. If 32 people enter, the prize pool will be $1000 deep!
Given that our FNM has routinely gotten numbers around 30, we are expecting to be on the $1k or higher side for prizes.

We will play a number of rounds determined by attendance. If we have 16+ players, there will be a cut.


Additionally, we will have a drawing for an Ultra-Rare WPN original Rise of the Eldrazi Deckbox (valued at $60) regardless of attendance. Here’s how that will work:
– Every player who enters and plays all rounds prior to the cut will get 1 card, sealed in a sleeve.
– All players will open their cards simultaniously.
– The card with the highest converted Mana Cost will win the Eldrazi Deckbox!
– You keep whatever card you pulled, whether you win the box or not!

Grand Opening Magic Tournament

Bonus door prize based on attendance

Not good enough? We will add one of these additional prizes, depending on the total number of players.

  • 16+ players: 1 random player will win a Windswept Heath
  • 32+ players: 1 random player will win a Bloodstained Mire
  • 40+ players: 1 random player will win a Polluted Delta
  • 50 players: 1 random player will win a Foil Windswept Heath (a $55 value as of this writing!)
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