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Guild Ball Tournament, I’m the Captain Now

Entry – $15, includes lunch
Prizes – store credit based on placement, with raffle prizes to all attendees
Saturday, May 19th
Doors at 12pm, dice at 12:30pm
16 player cap
Standard OPD rules
Welcome to the next Guild Ball tournament at Just Games! This is taking place right after the launch of the new Exiles and third Union boxes, so people will have plenty of new models to play with and try out.
This is great practice for the upcoming East Canadian Nationals tournament happening in early June.
Store credit will be awarded to the top placing players. In addition, we’ll be raffling off a bunch of toys to everyone in attendance. There are three ways to get a raffle ticket:
1) Show up (easy!)
2) Have a fully painted and based team
3) Have a goal post
Some of the raffle prizes include chibi season 1 captain and mascot cards, Lucky models and cards, widgets, and some Blacksmiths goodies, and the prize pool is only getting bigger!
Unpainted miniatures are allowed, including any models from the Exiles box or the Solthecian Union box.
Tournament results will be reported on Longshanks.
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