Magic: the Gathering

Halloween Commander Party, October 28

Don your costumes and grab your commander decks, it’s time for another commander party! Join us at noon on October 28 for a Commander Halloween Party!

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This year you will be trick or treating your favorite Planeswalker’s homes, and bringing your commanders along for the trip. But at each Planeswalker’s door, will you decide to get a treat? Or pull a trick? The choice is yours, but be careful, Teferi is waiting at the end with a prize for who arrives at his door first!

Once each turn, you’ll roll a die to see how far you travel across the game board. Landing on a blank square does nothing, but landing on a mana symbol will have a special in game effect!

When you land on or pass a Planeswalker’s home, represented by their face, you can choose to Trick or Treat. Do so by revealing a card from a pile of your choice, and follow the ability. 

Treat cards generally benefit the table, and on occasion the player, and Tricks may benefit the player, but not all of them end in success! Here’s an example of one of each:

Halloween Commander Party, October 28The first player to reach the Teferi square and resolve the Trick or Treat wins the game.

All participants who play receive a retro-frame Syr Konrad, the Grim: 

And the first person to beat the board game receives a promo pack!

We will also have a booster pack trick or treat. For playing, simply reach into the goodie bag and pull out a random booster pack! No peeking, and who knows what treat you’ll get! Tickets are just $10, so plan ahead and get packs from masters sets all the way up to new standard releases! 

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