How my DM Saved 2020

It’s time to tell us how your DM saved 2020, and send them a thank you gift. Did your DM save your campaign by moving it online? Did they spend all of the spring COVID shutdown sketching magic items? Do they take online voice acting classes to make the game cooler?

Tell us about it!

Tell us why your Dungeon Master is frigg’n amazing, and we’re going to send them a gift – it’ll be from you, addressed to them, and it costs you nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Inside will be goodies to help them spread their creative wings and keep on, keeping on. These mystical treasures may include, but not be limited to; samples of settings or RPGs, dice, spell cards, dice, dice trays, free samples of online platforms, more dice, sleeves, wet erase markers, miniatures, subscriptions to Roll20, and more!

The Rules

Of course there are rules! We’re a game store after all, and what fun would this be without rules?

  1. Rule 1: Ya gotta tell us about how your DM saved 2020! That means writing a little essay about why they rock. We get to use it in our marketing, and your DM gets some credit for their incredible work.
  2. Rule 2: Your DM has to be running an online game.
  3. Rule 3: No nominating yourself. You may be a player and  DM, and we’re sure you’re awesome, but this is about giving something to another DM
  4. Rule 4: You need your DM’s name and address (so we can ship them their gift), and that address has to be inside New York State.
  5. Rule 5: Only the first 25 essays received will be selected (we don’t have infinite resources, but conspicuously, this would mean if every table we hosted online in 2020 wrote an essay, there would still be room for a few we don’t know about… so if you’re reading this, there’s no good reason not to fill out the form below and praise your DM!
  6. Rule 6: We do reserve the right to verify your group exists, so think about putting that contact info in there. We also reserve the right to deny free swag to any essay that is obviously fishy (e.g. “I am a great DM and love free stuff”), and we won’t send more than one care package per DM.

Deadline for submissions is November 29.

The Form

Fill this out to send your DM a gift and say “thanks for making 2020 a little nicer, Dungeon Master!”

By submitting this form you consent to permit us to use, reprint or market with your essay in part or entirely. 

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