Magic: the Gathering

Ikoria Prerelease Logistics

If you ordered Ikoria, please read this.

Okay, Magic players, I’m now talking to you. First off, thank you for the massive, huge, ridiculous support you gave us leading up to this Ikoria prerelease. There’s been a lot of delays and changes, and you’ve stuck with us through all of them.

Second, Ikoria logistics have been pretty rough on our side. You gave us so much support, we’ve had to build a delivery logistics system that we never expected to need, just to delivery Ikoria, which is why we’re opening for curbside tomorrow and not today – we need today to stage the product for delivery because there’s so much of it. So, now, how will you get your Ikoria?

  • If you Selected Delivery: We’ll be delivering it today or tomorrow. I’m sorry this means some folks likely won’t get their Ikoria until Saturday, more on that below. Do not come to the store looking for your order – it’s not there, it’s being delivered, and we can’t make exchanges or changes at this stage.
  • If you ordered before there was a Delivery option (such as preordering in store before the shutdown): It will be delivered. See above.
  • If you selected Pickup: You can pick it up starting tomorrow at noon.

I’m going to ask that you do not attempt to change your delivery method. Right now, virtually all our available staff are preparing to deliver your Ikoria. The logistics of that kind of delivery are such that you should consider it ALREADY in a vehicle for delivery (because it very likely is!). Changing your delivery method would cause delays to many other customers, as well as to you.

What if I didn’t preorder?

You can still buy Ikoria online at

What about Commander? It’s crazy expensive online now!

The Commander print run was disrupted mid-print by COVID-19 shutdowns. Rest assured, there WILL be more Commander and you WILL be able to backorder it here at our store next week when we get a handle on HOW disrupted that print run was. If you preordered it, as we promised, we got your product, and it’s on the way (see above).

What about the online / at home prerelease schedule?

We wrote that before we knew it would take 2 days to delivery your prereleases. So, obviously, we can’t start playing today. If you selected Online / Play at Home, we will email further instructions to you later today. Short version: the festivities will begin Saturday at 6 pm, instead of today, to give us time to get everyone product and get them “seated” somewhere comfortable in their house.

I ordered a box, but where’s my box topper?!

Box toppers are inside boxes of first print run Ikoria.

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