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Canvas Preorder, releases December 2020

Once in a while, a game comes along that I’m personally like “holy crap, that’s brilliant, it’s fun, it’s cute, I want a million and three of them in my store.” A few years ago, that was Mystic Vale, a deckbuilding game about druids crafting spells via transparent cards. This year, it’s Canvas. A light little game of surprising depth on replay where you compete to have the best in-show-painting. You can check out more about this game from the publisher:

This game is super duper cool, it’s available for you to preorder from Just Games right now! You will also get the Premium Wooden Tokens from the original Kickstarter included FOR FREE if you preorder the gave from us. There is no extra charge, no shipping, just regular ol’ MSRP for the base game and we’ll give you the $15 premium expansion – I’m that excited about this game.

– Matthew Vercant, Owner of Just Games

See basics of play


On your turn, take a transparent card. The leftmost card is free. Each subsequent card costs an extra Inspiration Token. If the card you select contains tokens, take them.

Layer your transparent cards to reveal or cover different combinations of design element icons.

Create a painting by sleeving 3 transparent cards together. Then present your masterpiece.

Gain ribbons by matching the scoring cards. Try to match as many scoring cards as you can to gain the most points and win Best In Show!

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