Join Epic D&D – January 2024

Epic D&D is the best D&D you’ll ever play – and it’s coming back to Just Games in January 2024. Join us for Season 1 of Epic D&D, starting January 2 at 6 pm and running every Tuesday for 3 months.

Epic D&D is the high-gloss, DM-driven, player-agency first D&D you’ve always wanted to play. We use form sculpted painted terrain from our private terrain library to create an amazing visual experience, while our DMs use cutting edge, never before played content to drive the story you want to play! The more seasons you play, the greater your customization, and the deeper the story becomes. Join us for our second year of Epic D&D – called “The best D&D I’ve ever played”!

A whole 3 months of gaming is available with a season pass, including, access to special discounts on preorders of books, and a Discord channel just for your party to kibitz between sessions. Learn more now, or treat yourself to the best D&D you’ll ever play for the new year!

Buy a Season Pass today

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