Just Games Battle Tech – Fall Grinder Event, Sept 25

Starts at 1 pm, Sept 25

Take control of some of the most of the most powerful war machines mankind has ever produced.

Event includes an escalating free for all starting with the lightest of mechs, if you are killed off you get to try heavier units up to the mighty 100 ton assault mechs. Event will have a 10 dollar entry fee, everyone who does attend will at the very least will receive a salvage box (one battle mech) other prizes will be awarded for longest survivor in light weight class, most kills and others to be determined on attendance. A giveaway will be held for the new beginner box which includes everything to get started in this wonderful game.

A demo side event will also be held to teach newer players how to play.

Note that if Salvage boxes do not restock in time, we will break down some of the larger plastic boxes and create the same event. Either way, your experience will not change. 

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