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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty prerelease is February 11-17

Join us for the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Prerelease week, February 11-17.  


Prerelease Schedule

The events for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty are:

All of the above options are available right here. Just select the one you want and add it to your cart.

The Sealed League is easier than ever to participate in! All you need to do is buy 2 prerelease At Home kits – that’s it! You’ll get both kits, build your first deck with one, and then refresh your deck later on. Each week you will still refresh your deck with a Set or Draft pack of your choice, and you’ll get 2 additional Set boosters at the end of the league. So, the schedule for the league would be:

  • Week one you’ll open a kit and create a deck.
  • Week two you’ll add in a set booster and update your deck.
  • Week three you’ll open an entirely new prerelease kit, and make an entirely different deck.
  • Week four you’ll add another set booster in and update your deck.
  • Week five you’ll merge your decks together to make the bestest possible 40 card deck from your pool. You’ll also add in another set booster on top of merging your decks.
  • Week 6 you’ll open another set booster and update your deck.
  • If you play at least 5 weeks, you get 2 additional set boosters, for a total of 18 packs across the whole league!

Still an amazing $100+ value in boosters, with flexibility to play in person or at home!

The At Home Event Experience is new for Kamigawa!
This kit is designed for 6-8 players is a full event kit, including 6 prerelease kits with 36 draft boosters, 6 life counters and 6 promo cards, 12 Set booster packs, 1 Buy a Box Promo, a basic land pack, and a Magic the Gathering Playmat for $145. These value packs are great for families and friends wanting to play Sealed or Draft in their “pod,” for folks isolating, or just for anyone wanting a good deal! Playmats will be drawn from existing inventory. The kit contains over $250 of products if purchased separately!

Learn to Play is a small event, specially for new (or newer) players who want hands on instruction. Our Community Manager and certified Magic Rules Advisor, Lauren, will be on hand to answer all your questions, teach the game, and give you some pointers on building sealed decks.

Sealed with Tradition Rounds will be a paired event with random opponents. Super Casual will be an in-store event where you can play with whomever you like. In both cases, you will get 2 Set Boosters for participating.

Please note in-person events require proof of vaccination to participate, and masks are encouraged by the CDC for all participants.


You can preorder booster boxes of all kinds on our website for prerelease for 3 pm on February 11. Bundles and commander decks, as well as individual packs will be available at the February 18 regular release.

Preorder here