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Keep it secret, Keep it safe: Lord of the Rings Store Championship

August 12, 1 pm, preregistration is recommended

To celebrate the Lord of the Rings Magic the Gathering set, Just Games will give away a replica copy of the One Ring made by Jens Hansen, the original creator of the One Ring used in Peter Jackson’s LotR trilogy of films.

This grand prize will be awarded to the first place finisher in our Lord of the Rings Store Championship.

Keep it secret, Keep it safe: Lord of the Rings Store Championship

How to win this item

The winner of the store championship will receive this singular item, an exact replica of the ring used in the movie, by the jeweler who crafted the prop used in the film.

Fine print: Retail value of the ring is $150. Obviously this comes in a Sauron sized ring, so we recommend putting it on a chain around your neck for safekeeping. Should you win, you may need friends to help you carry it. 


Cost is $50 per player, after tax, and includes all packs, prizes and materials for play. Signups will be from noon to 1 pm, with sealed beginning promptly at 1pm. The format will be Sealed – Lord of the Rings.  Top 8 prizes will be as below, with additional prizes added for lower rankings depending on attendance.

Store Championship Prizes

Top 8 will receive prizes* as follows:

  • 5-8th | 3 LOTR Set Booster Packs
  • 3rd & 4th | 4 LOTR Set Booster Packs
  • 2nd | 6 LOTR Set Booster Packs
  • 1st | 8 LOTR Set Booster Packs + The One Ring Replica

*Exact boosters will be based on stock levels at the time of the event. 

Now for the parts you really want: the promos stamped with the store name.

  • Participation: Gifted Aetherborn
  • Top 8: Eidolon of the Great Revel
  • First Place: Saruman of Many Colors

Keep it secret, Keep it safe: Lord of the Rings Store Championship

WPN Premium stores receive an extra set of the Top-8 and Winner promos in non-foil with their store’s name printed on the card. Both versions of each will be provided to qualifying players.

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