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Keyforge Archon League, Spring Season “Faction War”

Our first Archon league is wrapping up, and it was so much fun we want to add to it. Our second league will build on the first, but add reasons to play new decks!

  • Saturday – Archon Survival $5 (Bring 3 decks) Format may vary, but we will stick to best of 1, 35 minute rounds based on player feedback. CHAINBOUND
  • Wednesday – Sealed Auction, $10 (no supplies needed)

Points will be earned by playing decks that contain a particular faction. When you play a deck, you declare for the faction you want to score points for. The deck(s) you play must contain that faction. Points are scored as follows

  • Win = 1 point
  • Playing a deck containing chosen faction = 1 point
  • Buying a new deck and playing it = 1 point (sealed automatically gets you 1 point!)

Hopefully this injects some variety into Triad, but it also makes bidding in Sealed more exciting, since a player who wants a particular faction might bid harder to win it (even if it isn’t the best strategic choice!).


At the end of the league the top player in each faction will win a playmat featuring art from their faction, as well as an additional deck, and any prize kits contents made available by FFG in the meantime.

New league begins on Wednesday March 6 and runs each Wednesday and Saturday until May 29.


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