Keys From The Golden Vault Is D&D Meets Ocean’s Eleven, preorders live

Anticipated release date February 21, 2023

Greetings, adventurer. You’ve snuck in and found a wondrous treasure! Keys From the Golden Vault is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure anthology with a heist at the center of every tale. Nothing else is yet known about the contents of this tome, but keep an eye on your favorite D&D news sources for your first sneak peek inside.

Dungeons & Dragons Senior Story Designer Chris Perkins described Keys From The Golden Vault as Ocean’s 11 meets Dungeons & Dragons, and it will consist of short adventures that each involve a heist. Currently, the number of adventures, their level spread, or even which D&D campaign setting they use is unknown. There were only a few hints given about the content in Keys From The Golden Vault, as the intention was to give fans a teaser of what’s to come next year, with more detailed information being revealed in the coming months.

We do know that this book will have a hobby and a regular edition cover, both of which you can preorder today.

Preorder today

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