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Learn to Play Magic at the Strong Museum

Join us at the Strong Museum of Play on February 11 from 2-5pm for a Magic the Gathering learn to play Workshop.

Volunteer at the Museum

Fill out this form, we’ll ask you for some information and a background check, and you’re good to go.

We have sufficient participation in this event, thank you

Volunteers will be given a commander deck, materials to play (which they keep) and a hearty handshake (if desired).

Magic: The Gathering Beginner Workshop

Learn to Play Magic with the friendly folks from Just Games and some enthusiastic Magic players from around the Rochester area! Shuffle up your deck (provided!) and follow along in your games as you get you to learn to play the world’s most popular collectible card game and make some new friends at the same time! Children under 16 must have an adult chaperone. All participants must register.


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