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Kill Team Tournament, April 29

The time has come for the next Kill Team tournament at Just Games! As the second season of Kill Team ventures further into the Gallowdark, more and more teams are being prepared for the tabletop. Get your squads built and painted for this next event!

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Kill Team Tournament, April 29

We will be using the BestCoastPairings app, where players will upload their 20 operative rosters and select their factions.

  • 12:30 start time.
  • Entry Fee: $10.
  • Three rounds.
  • 1 hour and 45 minute rounds.
  • The event will open on BestCoastPairings the night before the tournament. If you’ve bought your ticket, sign up there and upload your roster before the day of.
Tourney Rules
  • The tournament will utilize mixed terrain, with both Gallowdark terrain and open boards.
  • It will utilize the Crit Ops tournament rules. If you don’t own the Crit Ops pack, that’s okay! Rules will be supplied to all players.
  • Wins will generate 3 points, ties will generate 1 point, and losses zero.
Prize Support
  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • Best Painted (secret ballot)
  • All prize support will be handed out in store credit accumulated from tournament entries.
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