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Learn to Play Magic, April 9 | Wizard’s Tower

Join us at 4 pm on April 9th to Learn Magic via the fun, casual format Wizard’s Tower!

Magic Guides Margaret and Chris will be teaching, and providing all materials. Cost is just a $5 casual ticket (returned as store credit). Here’s how it works.

Wizard’s Tower Details

Wizard’s Tower is a big stack of cards in the center of the table – all players draw from the same pool, so it’s easy for a teacher to explain cards and combos. The idea is to learn lots of cards, and have a good social time playing while doing it. This is a great way to learn new cards and is open to all players regardless of previous knowledge.

For the curious player who already knows Magic, yes, this is an official Wizards format! It was originally engineered for Sealed, which we can try if there’s enough interest at some point. For this event, Chris and Margaret will bring all the cards and have a ready-made teaching tower. If you want to know more about it, check out this post from 2013 (ooo retro?) explaining how to build your own.

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