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40K Escalation League Starts April 3

At Just Games, we’re gearing up for our first Warhammer 40k Escalation League of the year, beginning at noon on April 3rd! This is a fantastic way to get introduced to the game if you’re a beginner, and a great way to track your progress for anyone looking to build a new army or finish/add to an existing army.

League starts at Combat Patrol size, at 500 points per player. After 3 weeks of play, the game size will increase by 500 points, moving to Incursion, then to 1500 point Strikeforce games, and finally ending at 2000 point Strike Force games. Missions will be pulled from the Nachmund Chapter Approved book for Incursion and Strike Force and the core rule book for Combat Patrol.

All current point values, rules, and supplements will be in play as they are released. If your codex drops mid league, you’ll be allowed to swap into your new codex.

Prize support will be given out in store credit to 1st place, 2nd place, best painted, and best opponent, all of which will be determined by the final week of the event.

Scoring in the league will be directly tied to the hobby progress of whatever army you’re running, incentivizing players to remain caught up on their escalation progress.


Activity Points
Play a game 5


Build a new unit 3
Paint a new unit 3
Complete your set points every three weeks 15
Build/paint a new HQ unit 6



After the end of the final three week period, we will hold a Capstone tournament where players from the Escalation League can pit their newly built army against veteran players! Registration for the Capstone Tournament will open at this link on June 10.

Weekly entry is just $5, and goes toward end of league prizes based on the number of total entrants over the run of the league.

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