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Just Games wins Power Retail Award 2022 for Innovation In Games (Retail)

GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) and the Retail Division take great pride in honoring the best in retail innovation and creativity with the Power Retail Awards. Each year, these awards recognize the most innovative retailers in a variety of categories. In 2022, Just Games was selected to win Innovation In Games (Retail). 

Innovation In Games (Retail) | When Organized Play was invented, that was the innovation in games retail. But what is the next innovation? The next evolution of the store model? The best innovations are ones you bring into your own store and make them work for your unique situation.

The GAMA Power Retailer Awards recognize the top stores in the world. You can read all the details and see photographs of each store at GAMA’s website as they become available after the GAMA Trade Show this week.

On a personal note, this year I saw a lot of friends and colleagues nominated with our store. It was a tough field – a field that is a badge of honor to simply make the nominations in – and not one I expected us to win. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, it’s an honor to be in the same sentence with any one of you.

Thank you to our amazing community for supporting us in our massive variety of events, activities and endeavors we’ve tried over the last year. I’ve also never been prouder of our staff and my coworkers; this award belongs to you!

Happy gaming, everyone!

– Matt Vercant, Owner

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